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Clean and Cure is a speciality provider of expert care and restoration services on Stone, Brick, Tile and ACP Surfaces for both interior and exterior architecture.

Buildings made out of stone or brick or ACP tend to blacken or fade over time as algae, fungus, lichen impregnate into the stone every time the stone touches water. Water contains salts, minerals and chlorine that attack the surface, deteriorate the color and make it dull. All natural stones are porous (Granite less than ½ % water). As long as we have an absorption factor, stone will stain and deteriorate over time. As a result, buildings eventually end up losing their beauty.

Every stone has a unique and special requirements and structure, which must be taken into account while evaluating the aesthetic benefits of stone restoration and preservation. To preserve the longevity of a natural stone it is very important to protect it with a proper sealer, especially as stones are being selected more for decorative purposes than their strength.

There are many solutions available, however most of them are expensive and do not clean effectively. As such, often the only option left is to paint over the stone in order to hide the black stains. That then defeats the purpose of using a pretty, decorative stone in the first place.

Clean and Cure experts visit your property, evaluate the stone condition in person and determine the best procedure for treatment. We offer unbelievably affordable rates to restore your blackened stone or ACP as well as protect it from future damage.

“A Renaissance for your Architecture”



The goal of the company is to make cleaning cheaper than the whitewash, and to contribute to beautifying the world. We also wish to support the “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” led by the Govt. of India.




Expert Employee

Our employees are experts and capable of carrying out complex tasks of cleaning and restoration.

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We ensure adequate safety of all workers, your building and stone involved.

Low Costing

Our indigenously developed solutions, formulas and techniques reduce the cost to minimal.

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Proper time planning and project scheduling is crucial for successful completion of work.